Bahrain GP analysis. (Red Bull Racing)

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The Bahrain GP got underway last weekend in Sakhir after a year-long break. There was doubt as to whether the race should actually go ahead due to civil unrest, but the FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) insisted that it was safe to go racing.

The track had been changed for the 2010 season but was changed back to the old spec for this year.

Red Bull Racing:
Sebastian Vettel: 1st
Mark Webber: 4th

Red Bull Racing have undergone a very difficult season so far, in part because of their drivers not fully understanding the car yet. Their best result was 2nd at the first round in Australia with Sebastian Vettel, but they’ve not been able to match that result until the Bahrain GP.

Practice 1 in Bahrain was looking promising for Vettel – finishing 2nd and only 0.305 seconds off the pace setter. But Mark Webber wasn’t in such a good place –  finishing 0.980 seconds off.

Practice 2 looked better for Mark Webber – finishing 2nd and 0.446 seconds off the pace setter of Nico Rosberg who did a very good lap. Sebastian Vettel finishing 3rd and 0.709 seconds off, not being able to match his team mate’s time.

Practice 3 was also looking good for both drivers with Sebastian Vettel finishing 2nd and 0.147 seconds off the pace and Mark Webber finishing 3rd – just 0.409 seconds off.

So from the practice sessions, Red Bull were looking in a very good position!

Then Qualifying! In the first session Sebastian Vettel finished with a time of 1:34.308 and Mark Webber finished with a time of 1:34.015. These times were good enough to get them through to the second qualifying session. The second session got underway and Sebastian Vettel finished with an improved time of 1:33.527 and Mark Webber with a time of 1:33.527. These times were also good enough to get them both through to the final sessionthe Pole Position Shoot Out!

The previous pole sitters for this season are as follows:
Australia: Lewis Hamilton
Malaysia: Lewis Hamilton
China: Nico Rosberg
And for the first time this season Sebastian Vettels famous “1” finger was back on show! He took pole position just 0.098 of a second from Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber was in 3rd place. The best qualifying session for Red Bull since Brazil during last season.

The race got underway the next day with a good start for the 2 Red Bulls. Sebastian Vettel had a great first 3 laps as he pulled away from Lewis Hamilton in second place by a second per lap! Just like he did last season. But halfway through the race, Kimi Raikkonen became a huge threat on a different race strategy to Sebastian. Kimi was in the DRS (Drag Reduction System) zone for many laps but just couldn’t pass Sebastian. He won the race just 3.3 seconds ahead on Kimi Raikkonen and his team mate Roman Grosjean and Mark Webber. So, a great day for Red Bull with their best result this season, and a great race for the Lotus team with both drivers making it to the podium.

One team who had a miserable race were Mclaren. Like China, Lewis Hamilton suffered the same problems his team mate had. He suffered a 9.9 second stop, 12.2 stop and a 5.7 seconds stop which to say the least is awful! Mclaren need to sort out their pit stop problems if they want to mount a championship challenge.

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