Battle of the Bands 2011

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Yn Gymraeg

On Thursday 18th August at Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff, the final of the CLIC and Merthyr Rock Battle of the Bands took place – and what a great night it was!

The doors opened at 7pm, but Tansi and I decided to get there a little early just to make sure we were on time. Not long after the doors opened, the place started to fill a little bit. We said hello to some familiar faces and ordered some drinks as we waited for the bands to set up. The small (well, small-ish. Small in my opinion) room was pretty dark, full of smoke – not in the like cigarette way but the stage smoke kind of way – and feeling a little cramped (probably why it seemed small to me. I don’t like closed up places. I like my elbow room!) as the first band, The Undivided, started to play.

The music was very loud and the vibrations swam through the floor and up into my body and felt as it if controlled my body. The music also sounded like a mixture between rock and pop which I quite liked. It seemed as though the audience enjoyed the performance that The Undivided gave and left them cheering after each song. 

Next up were The Hotel Ambush. I was really looking forward to hearing these because, according to CLICshot, the vocals of the lead singer could make Justin Bieber’s head explode – that was the one and probably only time I was gutted that I couldn’t see Bieber in person. I would have loved to have witnessed that! Anyway, the band performed all metal songs and clearly entertained the audience with the aggressive vocals and extremely hard-core beats. As much as I enjoyed the band’s performance, I think that they temporarily damaged my eardrums as after their performance I found it very hard to understand what Stormer007 was saying to me – despite being right beside me.

After a fifteen minute break (oh by the way, there was a fifteen minute break after each band I mainly spent that time talking or buying more orange juice in case you wanted to know. You probably didn’t but oh well, tough now) Eric Unseen took to the stage performing songs from a combination of Indie and Rock genres. The crowd seemed to really enjoy this band and the majority could not refrain from keeping themselves still and moved to the beat in one way or another – me included. The vocals were excellent and very strong which is always a positive if you ask me. I thought the whole band played really well and I would really like to see them again.

Following Eric Unseen were Editions who performed very pop/punk kind of music. I quite liked this band especially the guitar, drums and vocals. I don’t know what it was but I just really liked them. Poor way of describing it, I know, but the words I’m looking for just escape me. What I will say, though, is that I thought the band was very talented and the same as Eric Unseen, I would like to see this band again, sometime soon.

The final band that took to the stage was Men On The Chessboard. Their music seemed to be a combination of funk and indie. I will admit, I don’t think I’ve heard much music like this at all, if any, but that doesn’t mean they were rubbish. I found the music very interesting to listen to and again, found the vocals very strong. Again, I can’t find the words to describe the band other very entertaining and great to listen to.

After the last band had finished, I had to leave as I needed to catch the last train home back to the miserable little village (I think it’s a village, though some people call it a town – why am I telling you this?) that is Treorchy. I was gutted! Though, towards the beginning of my journey I had a text from Tansi saying “Eric Unseen won. Got a CD for you too. The Hotel Ambush came second and Editions came third.”

I was very pleased with the end results and think that the bands really did deserve to end up in those places. I’d like to say a massive well done to all of the bands that were in the final and congratulations to the winners, Eric Unseen. I’d also like to say thank you to CLIC for my free ticket, too! I was very pleased with that! I hope to attend Merthyr Rock in September so I can see Eric Unseen perform again.


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