Battle of the Weather Stations?!

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I don’t know about you, but I am getting pretty fed up, with these weather stations, saying totally different stuff.
Saturday 4th November:
BBC Weather – Rain
MET office – Heavy Snow
ITV weather – Clear Skies

Which one are we suppose to believe? Personally, not because i want time off school… but because I think are the one who normally don’t lie, are the MET office.

The weather stations are getting out of hand don’t you think? Reply your answer in the comment box bellow.

The snow is cancelling things, and making life difficult, but everyone should be enjoying this snow! it may be cold and wet, but how often do we RCT get snow? About once, twice a year?  This should be, I think, a celebration.

If this stunning Weather continues, watch out for more articles by me about the snow. If it goes, keep an eye out for what Peter Piper does next! He’s having a little break, as he is in Switzerland with his family.

1 thought on “Battle of the Weather Stations?!”

  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    I dont go out in the snow because I cant walk on ice but I really enjoy it because I get to have a day to relax! And I think the weather stations are just being bums.

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