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Live UnLtd is a youth initiative coordinated by UnLtd, a support organisation and the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs. Live UnLtd provides people aged 11-21 from all across the UK with exciting opportunities and challenges to develop an idea which could change theirs and others lives for the better.

Our social entrepreneurs are awarded funding of up to £5,000 to start up their own social venture; from sports activities and recreational groups to hosting events and creating social awareness campaigns. This award is also coupled with non-financial support and guidance from a designated Live UnLtd Development Manager in their region. In Wales the manager is Amanda Everson who can be contacted at

The programme also gives young people the opportunity to erase the negative stereotypes associated with ‘youth culture’ in the media today and show that with the right financial and non-financial support, young people can become catalysts for positive social change within their community and society.

Please find below our basic eligibility criteria. For further information and to find out how to apply for an award, please go to

You can also visit our Facebook pages: &

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  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    That sounds epic! Might apply for Inspire. Possibly. Or after my exams. x

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