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We all know the importance of having good and relevant skills in order to get a career off the ground, and today it is more important than ever. With high unemployment, high competition and the high-street dying off, there is so much competition around that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find work.

Many people do not have a great start with their education, or under-achieved at GCSE/A-Levels or more. But there is always a choice, and there are many opportunities available that may be of interest to you.

DfES (Department of Education) are running a communication and marketing campaign between January 2nd to February 10th 2013 with the aim of making individuals more aware of the importance of having good skills, and to encourage them to think seriously about what training they require in order to improve their career prospects.

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Money can be a huge influence on people’s decision to undertake training or further education. Education Minister, Leighton Andrews, has announced Welsh Government grants are being introduced in 2013/14.

There are various links, especially in Wales that can help you find training or the career of your dreams!

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• Careers Wales

• Starting up a business

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