Be Thankful for the good people in the community!

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I was just walking home from school on a lunch time when the lane leading to my street was full of ice. I was absolutely stuck. I hate ice and I was slipping.
Three boys were passing and laughed at me and tried to push me. I thought I was sure to fall. Until, a kind middle aged lady came to help. She scolded the boys for doing wrong on purpose and offered to help me up the lane as she had the correct gear for walking.

After that little incident, it made me realise that there are some really lovely people in my community! We really should be thankful for those who help in the community and have hearts. If someone holds a door open for you, you should thank them. If someone is collecting for a genuine charity, try and give what you can. If we all treat each other how we want to be treated, maybe we could all get along more and we wouldn’t have so much chaos when people are disruptive. Just saying 🙂 

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    thanks x

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    I know this is random, but may I ask how do you upload a Profile Picture? x

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    Aw cheers @CrazyDistortion! By the way, loving the name!

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