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From 8th December 2018 till 13th January 2019, the New Theatre in Cardiff welcomed all to come see the family friendly pantomime, Beauty and The Beast. This year I went on 14th December and it was one of the best pantomimes I have ever seen!

Mike Doyle and Gareth Thomas

The show was starring Mike Doyle, Lisa Riley, Gareth Thomas, Ben Richards, Danny Bayne and Stephanie Webber.

First of all, Mike Doyle was one of the funniest people I have ever seen in a Cardiff Pantomime… EVER! He was playing a dame called Kylie Kipling and he was sooo funny! I absolutely loved the humour off Mike.

Lisa Riley

Lisa Riley played Mrs Potts and she was very good, in particular at explaining what was going on. She helped push the story forward and keep us entertained.

Danny Bayne and Gareth Thomas

Gareth Thomas played Alfie, the personal trainer. When he and Mike were on the stage together it was so funny, even Alfie himself couldn’t hold it together. He would find himself laughing as well as us.

Ben Richards and Naomi Slights

Everyone else I haven’t mentioned were also very good, I’d really recommend this show. If you are still in the mood for a pantomime after Christmas, go and see Beauty and the Beast in the New Theatre, Cardiff. You will not be disappointed.

Tickets are still on sale until 13th January so check it out!

For more information on tickets, show times and current shows please contact the New Theatre box office on (029) 2087 8889 or visit the website

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