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What a difference a few hours on a Sunday can do!

The first panel has been completed and it’s looking pretty sick!
A massive thanks to Kurt for turning up with a hangover and carrying on like a trouper through the day. Jack did his bit too but most of that was on a scooter showing off 360’s and Superman’s!! Haha (I know you worked hard really Jack!!)

Keiron (Oner signs) expertly led the guys through the final stages of this bit of the art and was as happy with the boys as they were with him 🙂

When we first got there Sunday morning ‘Jacob’ had been writing his name all over last weeks efforts, we’re all hoping that he doesn’t do this again this week because the boys were fuming!!

Hopefully as the piece is looking so good, everyone in the community will appreciate how much effort goes into decent graffiti and how it can make the place look a bit sunnier on a drab day.

Pics will follow soon and some movie footage but a bit of editing is required to take out of the conversations lol
on that note if you can think of a good track to put over the graffiti-ing let me know or comment below this article.

We’re all proper excited that we’ve finally been able to put our money where ourmouth is with this project, because we’ve had loads of delays thanks tothe great british weather! 

If you want to see an outstanding example of graffiti art emerging,why not head on down to Beddau Skate Park. Thanks to Keiron from Oner signs andthe guys recruited on the streets of Beddau and Church Village the artwork is looking mint!!

Rach x


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