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Yn Gymraeg

The other day while you lot were either in school, college, uni or doing whatever it is you do on a normal Wednesday, I was lucky enough to be excused from school. Why? Because thanks to my E3+ Film Making Tutors from Lily Pad Films, Hugh and Rob, my friend Moofie and I got the chance to visit the set of the popular British TV Show Being Human.

Now, I’ve never seen this programme before so I was pretty curious as to what to expect. I had an idea that it’d involve some mythical characters (DanCLIC and Stormer007 informed me that it’s about a vampire, werewolf and ghost) and that was about it, so I had no clue about the plot line or anything.

After the long journey that involved two trains, some waiting for the others and then some walking, we arrived at the Being Human set in Barry. The set is inside a warehouse and thanks to Moofie, I now know that a lot of film sets are inside warehouses. We walked through the main unit where all the trailers were and waited to be introduced to the runner, Ryan, who would be taking us around all day. Once we were introduced, we walked over towards the warehouse and had to wait as the red light was on meaning that they were filming a scene. There would be a bell that would ring once as the light went red to let everyone know they were about to go for a take and then there would be a bell that rung twice as the light went off to say that they’d finished filming for now and you were allowed to talk again.

Once the light had turned off, we went inside and upstairs into the green room where Ryan explained about what happens on the set, different aspects to film making, etc and gave us some advice if we wanted to go into the industry after education.

Once Ryan explained everything and told us what to expect from the day, we went downstairs to see some filming take place. As there were a rather large group of us (some other people from other schools) we couldn’t be on the actual set to see it filmed, so we had to watch from the monitor. About five minutes later, there was a costume and scene change so Ryan decided that at this point we could have a tour of the set. I don’t know if you knew this, but the house set isn’t actually in a house. They are separate rooms with no ceilings (there were floating ceilings that could be pulled in when needed) and not all in order, either. For example, if there were supposed to be two bedrooms next to each other in the show, that doesn’t mean that they are next to each other on set.

As we visited each room of the set, Ryan explained about what scenes they had filmed there and what changes in the set to allow them to film (like walls that come out, wardrobes with no backs). We then went back to the green room to watch a DVD of excerpts of the series coming up. Like I said, I’ve never seen the programme before but from what I saw, it was really interesting! I can’t tell you what happens though, as we had to sign a contract saying we have to keep it confidential. Sorry! But what I can tell you is that I think that it looks great and I’m sure any fan of the show will enjoy it.

With the DVD viewing over, we went downstairs again to the monitors where we watched more filming. This time, we were handed headsets so we could listen to what was going on. The cast and crew sounded like they were very busy but still had time to joke about and whatnot. One actor even told a cheesy joke about Twitter to himself. I don’t think he knew we were listening. Either that or he did and that was his way of making our set visit slightly more interesting. Who knows?

Anyway, we could hear what was being said during takes and at some point it had us in giggles as some of the actors and crew seemed to be like school kids when messing around. I guess some of them are still kids/teenagers at heart. One of the actors knew we were listening and said “hello student people. How are you?” I was freaked out as I didn’t know who was saying it.

We watched a few more takes before they had a break for lunch. At this point, it was time for us to leave. We met some of the cast and had a photo and I even managed to nab an autograph and photo with the ghost, Annie. She was lovely as were the rest of the cast and crew who encouraged us to continue making short films and enter them into film festivals.

The whole experience was really interesting as we got to see what happens on a proper film set and the different aspects to film making. I’d like to thank Hugh and Rob from Lily Pad Films (our E3+ tutors) for taking us, our school for letting us have the time off and last but not least, all of the cast and crew of Being Human for letting us visit their set, especially Ryan for showing us around and giving us great advice. It was a great day and I really enjoyed myself.


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