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Beyonce is perfect. And I’m not just saying that, I’m stating it. It is a declarative. It is the truth. One day, when future generations muse and critique the artists that we now call ‘current’ and ‘mainstream’, there is little doubt in my mind that they will write of Beyonce the way we write of someone like Madonna in her 80’s heyday; the icon of a genre, the once-in-a-lifetime-talent who will no doubt be remembered as the performer of her generation once all this miming nonsense has all calmed down a bit, of course.

At the time of writing, the all-around pop icon Beyonce Knowles (or just B if you know her personally like I do. Or I at least lie to people and tell them I do) will, in a few short hours, perform the Half-Time show at the American Super-Bowl. To those of you who don’t know, the Super-Bowl is the American equivalent of, well…that’s the thing, us British really do have nothing that is anywhere close to the gigantic-ness of the American Super-Bowl, the culmination of the American football season where last year it was estimated 111 million – yes, you read that correctly – one hundred and eleven million Americans tuned in to watch. The best us British lot can manage for a ‘ratings extravaganza’ is 6 million of us sitting down on a Saturday and watching that ‘Splash!’ programme.
Last year the Superbowl Half-Time show was played by Madonna. Now, you can’t get more iconic than Madonna. Sure, she may be past it and her music is slowly declining in quality (Give Me All Your Luvin’ was quite good but that’s due to the contribution of M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj) and she’s become a shadow of her former self (her Blonde Ambition days, when she was the most exciting and iconic pop star in the history of all time are long gone) but last year, her 15 minute half-time show was brilliant. She was even joined by her good pals Nicki Minaj and M.I.A (that I understand, since they were on her then-new single), Cee Lo Green (that was a bit weird) and LMFAO (that was very weird. That’s my Nan taking off her wig and dropping some fresh moves to Skrillex) so you can understand that Beyonce’s impending (at the time of writing) Super-Bowl performance looks to be quite good.
And while we’re on the subject, let’s count the reasons precisely why this will be an iconic moment in Queen B’s career and our lives. Well, my life:

1. It’s Bound To Be ‘Big’.
If you’ve seen the video of Beyonce performing at the 2011 Billboard Awards – where she was joined on-stage with another 100 female dancers for her often-misunderstood hit “Run The World (Girls)” – then you know that Queen B doesn’t do performances that are ‘small’ or ‘intimate’. I mean, when she did that TV special for ITV she was playing to a room of 100 people and it felt like she was performing to a stadium of hundreds and thousands. Which, coincidentally, she will be doing at the Super Bowl.

2. Her Songs Are Alright.
Modern masterpieces such as Crazy In Love (I expect Bey’s hubby Jay-Z to make an appearance), Single Ladies (if she doesn’t perform that in the outfit from the video with the full dance I’m metaphorically walking out) and Countdown (her best song ever, bar Single Ladies obviously) must surely be making an appearance. Beyonce’s reputation as a performer is only exceeded by the utter brilliance of her ‘tunes’. Plus, I really want to see her perform the Freemason’s remix of her song Green Light, which I am currently obsessed with.

3. Destiny’s Child Might Be Getting Back Together.
Am I the only one that is getting mildly excited about this? The girl band that, for the most part, defined what it was to be a girl band in pop (sincere apologies to Sugababes and Girls Aloud) with the all-conquering booty shaking ‘tunes’ Bootylicious and Independent Woman.
The Child have been on an indefinite hiatus for some time, hopefully the Super Bowl will bring them back into the light, since their newest album (which is not as exciting as it sounds, its just a collection of their past love songs) is going to be released this month.
Very exciting.

So, when this article is posted, Beyonce will have performed at the Super Bowl. It may turn out to be the greatest thing that human kind has ever witnessed, beside of course, Natalia Kills performing Mirrors. However, it may be so utterly bad that it’ll make children cry, make me lose faith in humanity and, as a result, spiral into a depression whereby at the mere sound of the introduction to Crazy In Love I down a bottle of vodka.

But I doubt it. Beyonce is perfect. Her performance will be perfect. I only wish I had enough time and money to fly to America to witness her perform live.

If the point of this article hasn’t been made clear –

Beyonce, I love you.
And you should love her too.

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