Big Brother 2014: Was It All Worthwhile? Part 1

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Every year in British summer since 2000, Big Brother has been on our screens on Channel 4 but since 2010 was its final series on Channel 4, Five bought the rights in 2011 for Big Brother to be aired but there’s some controversy about Channel 5 having the show again.

But was Big Brother 2014 worth watching? If you haven’t seen the whole series then here are the weekly summaries:

16 new faces took up residence in the Big Brother house: Ash, Ashleigh, Chris, Christopher, Danielle, Matthew, Mark, Pauline, Steven, Tamara, Winston, Toya, Marlon and Jale.

Week 1
Pauline got The Power, Mark got the money and Matthew got to spend the night in a perspex box. Jale got the Killer Nomination and, oh yeah, Helen got that pass to the Final. Danielle got her grump on after being nominated and Big Brother attempted to rally the troops with the Power of Positivity shopping task. We had our first snog, first argument and before we knew it, Tamara became the first housemate to be evicted.

Eviction 1
Tamara was the first to be evicted and Chris stirred things up by choosing alpha female Pauline to face the public vote of Friday.

Week 2
Housemates were kept guessing in the second week as BB appointed a secret Power Housemate. Mark was making waves as he made his first eviction prediction, slid around in some manure and got his bum stuck in a giant head. The housemates were behaving like animals, with the shopping task being housemates on a farm. Jale was the farmer along side Marlon. The rest became farm animals, then Winston told his shark story before getting steamy with new housemate Kimberly .

And before you know it Pauline was the second to be evicted

Eviction 2
Pauline become the second housemate to head home.

And then Toya was made Power Housemate, she picked Matthew as her partner in crime and they shook up the house with their first nomination.

Week 3
Tempers were frayed, Helen lost it and got her first formal warning from BB and then ended her bitter feud with Jale. Trust was tested and friends were betrayed before it was confirmed that the house had failed the shopping task as the task was all about trust. Woops!

On Day 17, the housemates nominated. However, Matthew and Toya were given the power to veto three housemates’ nominations. They chose Ash, Marlon and Steven. On Day 18, Matthew and Toya saved Steven from eviction. However, Steven was told he must choose one of the Power Couple to replace him. He chose Toya, and then she got evicted.

Eviction 3
Toya was the 3rd person to pack her bags and head home and shortly after all the girls took the power!

Week 4
Since all the girls had the power all the men were nominated. Luckily the girls were aloud to save 3 boys from the eviction. They were Chris, Marlon and Steven.

The task in week 4 was A Murder Mystery. Ash, Jale & Steven became assassins, without inspector Winston noticing them, Winston guessed right and won the house a luxury shopping budget,

Eviction 4
Matthew was evicted that week and Jale was already up for nomination again!

Watch out for part 2.

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