Big Brother TimeBomb: What to Expect

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The Big Brother house is built and set for 14 brand new housemates to face tasks set around time; there have been rumors speculating ex-housemates might return to the house as the theme of this year is ‘TimeBomb’. The days will stop, rewind, and tasks will be turned on their head.

This year the house has had a change. The Diary Room is back downstairs and the house seems a bit smaller than usual. This time there’s now a toilet where the old Power Room used to be (taking a guess here) but the pool is massive and ready for some housemates to take a splash in. But, will they have time? Days will turn into nights, time will rewind, and tasks will be turned on their heads. The house has also taken a stroll back in time with the Mad Men-type era.

For the first time in Big Brother history, the Big Brother timebomb is playing tricks already before the actual show, by revealing the housemates before the show!

Also, there have been rumours due to the theme being specifically based on time, that we could see housemates from previous years re-enter the “Most Famous House in Britain”.

But, only time will tell… you can find more information on Big Brother Timebomb on Channel 5’s website which can be found here.

Big Brother Timebomb starts Tuesday 12th May at 9pm on Channel 5 (a week before Eurovision).

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