Biker Road Safety Campaign Launched In North Wales

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Operation Darwen, a campaign to reduce motorcycle-related incidents, was launched last weekend in North Wales. Over that same weekend there were two fatal incidents involving motorcycles on the roads of North Wales.

There has been a rise since 2013 of these types of incidents, with 108 people seriously injured or killed in North Wales in motorcycle related incidents last year.

If you’re a biker, or considering getting a bike, what can you do to stay safe on the road? Some of the following is common sense, but I think it bears repeating not just for motorcyclists but for all road users.

1. 30 motorcyclists are injured or killed every day at junctions. A lot of these accidents stem from drivers of cars or larger vehicles being unable to see the motorcyclist. Make sure you’re always visible, and drivers – take longer to look for motorbikes.

2. The road is not a racetrack. As obvious as this may sound, police report that they are dealing with a growing number of people speeding, putting everyone in jeopardy. Police are also reporting that more and more people are riding after taking drugs or drinking.

3. Know your route – and your capabilities. Many people visit North Wales due to its stunning scenery but often come unstuck when on unfamiliar roads.

4. Never ride tired. If you’re planning on taking a trip to North Wales, maybe Snowdon, as many people did this Easter weekend – book into a B&B and start fresh in the morning. You’ll feel better and it’s much safer.

5. Check your tyres. One of the major contributing factors to incidents on the roads has been under-inflated or worn tyres. Police in North Wales are going to be checking more tyres between now and early autumn.

It’s never a bad thing to get more training. There are plenty of initiatives that offer training for all types of biker – from beginner to expert. Some of these are:

Police BikeSafe:

The Institute of Advanced Motorists:

The Enhanced Rider Scheme course has plenty of instructors all over the country, with lots to choose from in Wales. Get started here to search for an instructor near you:

Wherever you’re planning on going, whether it’s local roads or exploring further afield, make sure you plan ahead and take extra training if you’d like to feel more confident.

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