Bitten by Love. Part 2

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“You’re a Vampire” said Anya in a worried voice “
Yes” James replied
“Did you want to eat me or something” asked Anya
“No, you see Anya I want to protect you, I know we only met not long ago but I think I love you”. Anya collapsed to the floor, she had fainted,  he picked her up and she woke up in another house on an old fabric settee.
“Oh look James has a new toy” said a strange voice, It was a girls voice “What another one?” Said a male voice.
James walked in and the two people looked at him “James” Said the girl “I thought you were a vegetarian?”
James walked up to Anya and said “Eve, Sam leave her alone” they laughed, said something about love and disappeared
“Are you ok?” he asked “Yes Who were they?”
He said that they were his older brother and younger sister, they are also vampires.
(To be continued)


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