Bitten By Love: Part 3 – The Intruder

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“Where am I?, What am I doing here?” Anya asked in a confused voice
“You’re in my house, I brought you here because I smelled something, another Vampire, not Sam or Eve someone else” he replies.
James sat next to Anya and just as he did so his sister ran in and said “Wait you Love her, James don’t you watch TV, soon Sam will try to steel her, or a hot Werewolf will walk in and try to tale her, he is probably outside now! I am going to wait out side” Anya giggled and said that she watches too much TV.

James asked if she believed in Love at first site and she replied “Now I do” they were about to kiss when a scream came from the village
“Whats going on?” asked James “Another Vampire in the village, Sam is going to check it out” Eve replied.
James told Anya to hold on to his back she did so and as quick as lighting he ran to a church in the Village “Stay away boy” the priest said “Your kind are not welcome here” James put Anya down “Please let her stay, this is the safest place for her” the priest nodded and let Anya in.
James said he would be back as soon as possible.

In the Village, Eve was telling people to go home and Sam was holding a girl in a head lock, James ran to them
“Who are you?” he asked her “I am Joline, My mistress only wants the girl, Anya” James said that she was the Vampire he smelled in the house
“Why? and Who?” but it was too late, Sam had ripped her head off.

James knocked the church door and Anya opened it, she hugged him “You can’t go home, you’re staying with me, Eve and Sam” he said.
it was to keep her safe,  someone wanted her and whoever they are, they’re not friendly.


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