Bitten by love. Part One

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Anya Terrance was talking to her best friend Sophie Diamond whenSophie’s sister, Jane, ran up to them saying “Follow me, there is a newguy and he is hot”, they followed her to a classroom at the end of thehall, and in there stood a boy, tall, skinny at least 16 years old,like Anya he was wearing dark jeans and a leather jacket.

“Hi”he said smiling at Anya “I’m James, James Newton and you are?” therewas a moment of silence then Jane said “Hi I’m……” James interrupted”Sorry I was talking to your friend the one with the blonde hair andblack shirt” the girls look at Anya “I’m Anya Terrance, nice to meetyou James” he said the same, he asked to see her timetable, they hadthe same timetable and he asked if he could walk with her.

(AWeek Later) “So Anya where do you live?” James asked, “Around thecorner” She replied. “School ends in 5 minutes want to visit?” he shookhis head, she begged and he broke down and said Ok. They got to thehouse “Come in James” Anya said, he walked in and they sat down, Anyacaught her hand on a pin that was on the side of the chair

“Ow,Oh My God I’m bleeding” James got up his face started to change hiseyes went completely black he tried to hide it but Anya saw it.
“What the…. What’s happening to your face” she screamed, he tried toleave “I must go” he said “No stay first tell me what is going on whatare you?” she covered the blood, he spoke “I am not what you think I amI died 103 years ago I…..I… I am a Vampire”
(To be Continued)


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