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Hey, guys. VGBish here and this is my Black Ops 2 review.

First of all, let me tell you a definition of insanity. A definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting it to change.

That is also my definition of Call of Duty. But this time around, Black Ops 2 brings a couple of new things to the table. Some of them have been used before but one of the new features is Customisable Campaign Loadout which has been used since the first Army of Two game so it’s not really that original. The other new thing Black Ops 2 brought in was a gun in DLC (Downloadable Content) but, yet again, it’s not original because I can write down a list of games which have included that feature but I’m here to give a review of Black Ops 2 so let’s get stuck in with the Campaign Mode first.

Missions: I find the Campaigns story was a repeat of Modern Warfare 3 because an old enemy comes back (won’t tell you who, though) and you end up killing him so, again, it’s not that original but some features from the Campaign I enjoyed were aspects like the customisable loadouts. The graphics of Call of Duty, as always, are standard. Nothing too extravagant. So my rating of the Black Ops 2 Campaign Mode would be a VGBish 7/10.

Zombies: I personally think zombies are getting a bit overused in games. Take Red Dead, for example. They brought zombies in and now everyone’s lost interest in Red Dead Redemption because of the over-use of zombies. But, back to the review of Black Ops 2 Zombies Mode. Four maps to start with, which is more than Black Ops 1, but these new maps are pretty boring and repetitive and the graphics were the same. But, my rating of Zombies would be a strong VGBish 8/10 because it’s pretty fun and I’m pretty good at it.

Multiplayer: The thing everyone loves about Call of Duty is the Multiplayer Mode. Being able to virtually kill other players and no one says anything or criticises you: perfect. But, there’s a twist. You get put into games with really good players when you are only just starting out. The Call of Duty servers can’t handle all the people playing and there’s more glitches and bugs than you can shake a stick at but with a bit of perseverance, I fight through the lagg and glitches but it still only gets a VGBish star rating of 5/10 because it still needs a lot of work. I think Treyarch or Activision (who-ever is making the next Call of Duty) should spend more time on it.

So, my overall rating of Black Ops 2 is only a 6/10 because it still needs a lot of work. Personally, I would not recommend this Call of Duty to start you off in First Person Shooter gaming. I would recommend Call of Duty 4 or Modern Warfare 2 because of the amount of effort and work that’s gone into them.

Watch this space for more gaming reviews from, yours truly, VGBish. Next review coming next week.

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