Blog: International Youth Exchange 2011- Part 2

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This is the second part of my blog about the International Youth Exchange 2011.

I left you last time on the way to the Rhondda Golf Club. We were put into groups to do a golf leaders award and to help the club to attract more young people to the club. This was a really fun experience to learn about golf in return for our ideas for the club. This was the point where all the groups started to integrate with each other. We had 3 other cultural evenings. Previously ‘Team Wales’ had won the German Cultural Evening and next to host was the French. We also had a national team quiz in which team Wales triumphed again. Poland held a night where there was no competition but just traditions about magic and fortune, it was a really lovely night. Then it was the turn of the Welsh Evening. We mixed up the countries for our night to claim a “Cultural Evening Grand Slam.” I loved showing the other people all the little quirks of Wales. Everyone loved our night (well, maybe not the 3 people who were sick, but that’s life.)

The final thing to do was to party. If you are invited to a Twmpath, take toiletries. It is the sweatiest dancing I have ever done, such a good event. So onwards to Wolfenbuttel in 2012. If you do come across the Youth Exchange next year, apply without hesitation because it will be a great experience I promise. I have learned so much and met so many great people on the trip. I would just like to thank everyone involved in the trip for making an amazing two weeks.


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