Blog: RCT International Youth Exchange – Part 1

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This week I have been involved with the RCT International Youth Exchange and this year it is here in Aberdare. I had planned to write a little piece about each day then I arrived and the amount of activities hit me.

We started on Sunday with 10 young people from Wales greeting 10 people from France, Germany and Poland. I’m not going to lie but it was a bit weird at first with all the people of different levels and different languages but everyone seemed to be up for a good time. The main theme of this trip is helping the young people discover the “entrepreneur” within them. I was really shocked about how good the level of English was in the group, but most of the Welsh do try to help out with the translation when people need it.

The first main event was last night. It was the “German Cultural Evening.” We played a version of a popular German TV show called “My Country Can.” It was really fun and they have set the bar really high. Now on to golf…..


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