Blood Dreamer: Vampire and Telepath

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Blood Dreamer

“Ok I have to go now,  I have a meeting. Stay here until school ends. Felix do you mind looking after her?” she asked and Felix looked at me and then her and then back at me.
“No I don’t mind”
“Good” Mrs Joan said and then she was gone. I looked into Felix’s eyes and started feeling faint. I picked up a book and tried to not look into his eyes when “OW” I had a paper cut. Small but a tiny bit of blood ran. Felix jumped and looked away from me. “Felix? Are you ok? It’s only blood. Felix?”
He tried to leave but I grabbed his arm and he turned around and I screamed. I backed away from him. His eyes were black, every part of his eye, even the bit that was meant to be white. And his canines were enlarged. I started to feel faint. No, I thought, I can’t dream now, not now.
“Elisabeth please!” he began.
“Vampire! Monster!” then I realised “The blood in my dream. The smell, the sounds, the BLOOD. That’s what my dreams were telling me.”
Felix told me to calm down but I couldn’t, he grabbed my arm and said “I will never hurt you. I don’t kill humans, I feed from blood bags from blood banks.”
I was hyperventilating, and what I did not want to happen, happened. I collapsed. In this dream there was a boy in a cloak and he said;
“Elisabeth. Get away from him he is a monster!”
“Who are you?” I asked. We were in a forest. It was dark and cold.
“My name is” he paused “My name is… Heath.”
“You are a dream!”
“No, Elisabeth I am real and very real” he removed his hood and OMG he was stunning. Light skin, sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. He was perfect. “None of your dreams were only dreams. I am a telepath and you are a Blood Dreamer and I am trying to help you!”


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