Blood Dreamer

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My name is Elisabeth. I have short brown hair, green eyes and light skin. One day I was in Maths class, asleep. I was dreaming. All my dreams were strange. 

In this one dream I saw a boy sitting down on the floor of what seemed to be a castle, he was wearing a brown cloak, so I couldn’t see his face, and he was speaking some strange language I didn’t understand. He looked up at me, and I heard someone say my name, it was a woman’s voice telling me to wake up, and suddenly everything disappeared and I was in my classroom. Mrs Joan, the school psychologist was sitting in front of my desk, she had curly red hair, green eyes and glasses. She was a nice woman and she knew me very well. “Mr Jones phoned me when you fell asleep” the teachers knew about my dreams, they called it a mental condition. “Can you tell me about your dream?”

I started to explain about the boy and the castle and the language I didn’t understand and she just nodded. “Elisabeth can you do me a favour?” I nodded “I was wondering if you can show Felix around the school, he is new, and his timetable matches yours exactly”. I nodded and she nodded towards the door and a boy entered. He was gorgeous. He was tall and pale, his hair was windblown and a glossy black and his eyes were dark brown.

“Hello. I am Felix and may I ask your name?” he was so polite he didn’t say “Who are you?” or “What’s your name?” like all the other boys did. 

“This is Elisabeth, Felix. She will be showing you around the school” he smiled and so did I. 

I had French next, so we walked to next lesson and I thought it was odd that we had the same timetable. In class he sat away from me at the back of the class where no one else was allowed to sit. I sat down waiting for the lesson to end, noticing that Felix had answered every question the teacher asked correctly. When lesson was over, he walked with me to the hall, well, almost, I blanked out half way through to the history department. I was having another dream, this time there was a person in a cloak, I was surrounded by blood and lots of it. I heard screams and loud bangs, I could smell rotting flesh and I was so cold. Then I woke up in Mrs Joan’s office on the settee she has in the corner. Felix was sitting next to me and Mrs Joan was standing by her desk.

“She is awake” Felix said and Mrs Joan ran to me.
“Elisabeth are you okay?”
“Yes” I said “It wasn’t the first time I’d blanked out”.
“Yes but this was for two hours, I know you have blanked out for longer but Felix was worried”.
I looked up at Felix who looked worried. Why would he worry? and then I realised he just witnessed a girl he didn’t know collapse.
“What did you dream about Elisabeth?”

I couldn’t tell her about the blood it would freak her out. “I was in a forest and I heard singing” I told her hoping she would fall for it and she did.


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