Book Review: The Territory By Sarah Govett

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When I first started reading the book it was slow and hardto understand which meant I found it quite difficult to get in to. However, asI read on I found it easier to understand the story and plot.

I found that the story has many different elements that a 15 year old girl hasto go through: things like school, exams, best-friends, and – of course – boys.It also has a hint of bullying as a topic throughout. This is shown by the ‘vorms’and ‘freakoids’. It shows that, in society, if you are different then you willbe reminded that you are and may become an outcast.

This has everything you want in a good book. It has the drama, romance and isrelatable in certain ways. Despite it being slow and hard to read in the beginning,this book is actually really gripping and I couldn’t put it down.

It really immerses you and you connect with that characters really well. You feelas though you are going on a journey with them.

It’s definitely a book for The Hunger Games or Maze Runner fans. I really can’twait to read the second and third book and see what Noa, Raf and Jack end updoing next.

The Territory is published by Firefly Press.

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