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Yn Gymraeg

After seeing Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part One, all I could do was laugh. And it wasn’t just because of Kristen Stuart’s bad performance, but, admittedly, it did have an awful big part to play in it.

Aside from that, the special effects were terrible, and almost all of the cast, will the exception of Ashley Greene, who plays Alice and was, in all fairness, pretty good, were awkward and almost, well, completely laughable. With some cheesy lines and Robert Pattinson’s good looks stripped away from him for the ‘iconic’ role of Edward Cullen, the directors and producers ruined what actually is a pretty good story.

However, I feel I must make this ever so slightly balanced and add that, on a good note, they reconstructed the birth scene pretty well-ish, and the male members of the cast are certainly fitif you forget about their overall performance. Also, I didn’t feel that I wasted my money on the tickets, I had a laugh (at the wrong parts, mainly the serious ones) and my popcorn was tasty! But I’ll not be getting the DVD; it’s not worth it.

Give me Harry Potter any day!

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  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    Saw the title of this article and laughed, I had to read it! I can’t believe you went to watch it. I thought you despised Twilight? :O
    Anyways, good article and I shall not be watching it at all. I saw like 10 minutes of the first one in English, Year 9 and then practically fell asleep. And no way, no how am I buying the books after reading that Stephanie Meyer supposedly donates ever $1,000 she makes on the Twilight Saga to an Anti-Gay charity. She isn’t getting her grubby mitts on my cash! x

  2. BethanTheBarmy says:

    The general consensus is that the films are indeed much better than the books, but by golly is that saying very little. Twilight is vamp-fiction for the lighthearted, and should NEVER be taken seriously. Good on you for LOLing; I did the same throughout New Moan. Did I say moan? I meant moon. Silly me.

    Did you count how many times Bella went cock-eyed? A fun game that a friend and I like to play.

    If you ARE a Twilight fan, perhaps you should consider buying Stepfordy Mayo’s New Moan, and its sequel Breaking Yawn. Without a doubt, the BEST parody I’ve ever read. If ToriaBeth! and I can’t change your mind, then I’m sure that this book will. 😀

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ll have to agree, i couldnt take this last film seriously, then again i couldnt take the last one seriously either :s thou because of the pictures i really think the mupets should do there own version :p great article.

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