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Bridges recently organised their very own photoshoot with the theme of promoting equality between Lesbian. Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Straight young people.

The editorial team put on their brand new Bridges t-shirts (with our new logo designed by competition winner Nikki McDermott-roe) and took to the Hollywood Glamour scene with make-up, camera and interviews.

You can view the picture (with more coming soon) at

The group chose to wear purple nails and eyeshadow (provided by the immensely-talented Bethan Jones) for its significance – purple has become a colour adopted by other LGBT groups such as “Day of Rememberance” in memory of those who have taken their lives because of homophobic bullying.

Gwirvol also attended to film some footage for their new documentary Gwirforce premeiring in May 2012.

The promotional shoot was the first that Bridges, a new and exclusive project working with LGBT young people aged 13 – 17 in Rhondda Cynon Taff have had. This comes ahead of their launch which will happen in April 2012.

The photoshoot was funded by O2 Think Big with the aim to promote LGBT issues and raise awareness of them.

The shots you see represent visually what each term means broadly, but with the same tops and make-up there is a message, and that is that no matter who we love, we are all the same. We hope you enjoy the photos as everyone worked very hard and there are some beautiful shots.

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  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    Just thought I’d say that there are more photos. Some from me and @CrazyDistortion, so there’s even more to look forward to! Keep checking back. And you’re more than welcome, Mart, it was great fun! Slightly stressful, but life isn’t easy! Anyway, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more from Bridges over the next year and in the future! Wishing you all the luck and I am a very proud Bridges Editorial Member. Love you xxxx

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