Bryn Celynnog Gets Spooked

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October 20th was the date set for Bryn CelynnogExtended Provision to run its Halloween Party that young people had been askingfor. Some of them turned up straight after school with bags of stuff they hadbrought with them to decorate the club, and they spent 2 hours putting updecorations, draping cotton cob webs all across the chairs, getting ready withtheir costumes, and readying the place for when the masses came. They wereshocked to find out that it took longer than they had expected to puteverything up!

With the centre looking great (now covered in cobwebs andpumpkins), the doors opened and 65 young people came through the doors throughthe night, some of them in fancy dress. There were vampires, an alien, devils,a mummy, a ghost or two, a cowboy riding a horse, some cats, but unfortunatelyno werewolves. The usual activities were on offer, with the addition of twomore activities: the Cornflour Challenge and the Bushtucker Trial. Contrary topopular belief, none of these had anything to do with eating… but they didinvolve a LOT of mess and many squeals of delight (and disgust) from those whoparticipated. The Bushtucker Trial was set up with young people assisting, butthe young people ran the activity themselves, with staff looking on to ensurethat everything was going OK. By the end of the night, staff were sweeping andmopping the floors to get rid of the mess… the entire club seemed covered inwhite flour from the Cornflour Challenge! And it was on the carpets… and downthe stairs…

Blame Tracey, I say.

Here is what young people said about the night, and many ofthese gave up their own time to decorate the club and help with the planning.

It was awesome, and a great night.” – Zac, Year 10.

Amazing night.” – Keely Year 10.

I cannot explain it – it was so good!” – Aaron, year 10.

Amazing, it was so good.” – Leigh-Anne Year 10.

It was an exhausting night, and I was shattered at the endof it, but it was great!” – Michael, year 10.

Good.” – Abby, year 7.

Awesome.” – Mason, year 10.

It was OK.” – Katie, Year 10.

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