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Yn Gymraeg // Welsh version

Attention radio station lovers! Your first ever local college radio station has launched!

Here’s a little bit about Bullet Radio itself.

Bullet Radio is a college radio station based in the main campus at Bridgend College. The radio station is an online radio station like stations such as GTFM, Dapper FM and Rhondda Radio. It plays music for all age categories from today’s chart music all the way back to the old classics.

The station is run by students from all different courses in the college who commit their spare time to present shows on air or to pre-record a show ready to be aired in upcoming weeks.

Before the radio went live at the end of January 2014, it was broadcast into the student’s common room in the Bridgend campus with students from Performing Arts courses, Media Courses and a range of other courses doing their own 1 hour shows or maybe 2 hour shows in their lunch breaks or free periods.

Bridgend College Level 3 Creative Media Production students, Mark and James, have recently committed their spare time in being volunteer studio managers of Bullet Radio.

So, if you’re either in Bridgend College or even a musician or band and looking to get your talent out there, send your music to the following link below:


Or to listen to Bullet Radio click the links below:


(Also available to listen via the Tune In app on majority of phones, just download the app from your app store.)


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