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Yn Gymraeg

From loving to hating, from threatening to kill and from verbal to physical, bullying can be expressed in all ways: writing, shouting, hurting.

People every day get bullied. They are pushed and shoved and are hurt deep down.

Bullies can be people with self depression, with problems at home, and are sometimes victims themselves.

Children who get bullied sometimes go to the extent of suicide, or cutting themselves, or running away.

Bullies should be punished, including their parents, for letting their children be dragged up.

Some parents actually physically hurt their children, and even torture them from the second they get back from school, making them pass it on to others, thinking it’s okay.

Well, it should stop.

If you have been affected by bullying or any of the issues in this article, talk to Meic. It is a free and confidential service for young people. They are open 12-8pm every day:

Call: 080880 23456
Text: 84001
Email: help@meiccymru.org
Instant Messaging: www.meiccymru.org


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