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-The requiem of sanity,
Conceals no hope.
Only bitter awakenings to the world unknown.
-The souls of the dead,
Rest uneasily in the night,
Waiting for the dawn,
And the bringer of light.
-The tank of which states,
Should contain my heart,
Lies smashed on the ground,
As a fresh new start.
-The dawning of the new,
Vanquishes the old,
And sets free the body,
Burdened with the cold.
-When all is ended,
And the land is dust,
I shall rise up,
Like impenetrable lust.
-When my soul is damned,
My body in ash,
I shall collect the evil,
Make a loathsome stash.
-Death is peaceful
A new beginning,
Living with the clouds,
And the silver lining,
-The depths of one’s soul,
Craves hope and despair,
Without the love of another,
Is left diminishing care.

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1 thought on “Burdened”

  1. Deliah says:

    I am not normally a huge fan of poetry, though I do love a classic here and there.
    This poem, is amazing !
    Congrats to you on your fantastic work ! xx

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