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Call Of Duty: Black Ops is a shooting game which is really really good because you can play online with friends or random people all over the world.

Online game mode brings you all different games like search and destroy, team death match, free for all and loads more to keep you occupied.

But that’s not all. You can also play campaign mode which is doing missions, and then there’s combat training where you run around killing dummies

Online mode is my favorite because you don’t just play one game; there’s loads of games. My favorite game is headquarters, where you get to capture the headquarters and try to defend it without dying.

It doesn’t matter weather you kill people or capture the headquarters, you still get points to level up. There are 15 prestiges altogether to level up and prestige. You must play loads of games to earn enough points and money to buy new guns.

I don’t really like playing campaign mode because I find it really boring and there’s not that many missions to do. Although if I do get bored of playing online I just play campaign.

Combat training is my favorite game mode because it’s really easy to play and really fun, it’s just basically running around. killing dummies, earning points to level up and prestige, and earning money to buy guns, gun attachments, equipment, camos and create your own emblem.

I would recommend my friends and other people to buy this game because it’s an amazing game overall. The graphics are just super, it’s like your actually in the game.

I would give this game a 10/10.

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    Comment by jamesybluebird98

    Lately Call of Duty has been getting less people playing it and more people have Modern warfare 2. If I was honest I think Modern Warfare 2 is much better because on Black ops you have to buy your guns so that’s why Modern Warfare 2 is better. Black ops is made by Treyarch and they are trying to stop Quick scoping and that’s wrong but infinity ward try to encourage Quick scoping.

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