Calling Cat’s Army: One Member At A Time

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How cool would it be to know someone famous? Like, someone whose songs get played on the radio and who throws sell-out stellar gigs? 

Well, if you know Cat Southall, we’re like this *holds thumb and index finger an inch apart* close. Cat, one of CLIC Towers’ very own, whose passion shines even brighter than her hair, is fighting by smiling tooth and dazzling nail to get to the top. And it won’t be long until she gets there. 

You see, Cat has this song. You may have heard of it. It’s called One Day At A Time, and my, is it a doozy. Part of the first Cat Southall Product instalment, this is the single which will get Cat, and her fabulous alter ego Nancy Neuron, on the map (or, in a far more literal sense, the radio).

But, as all superheroes do from time to time, Nancy needs a hand from her trusty sidekicks and faithful followers. We need you, the kind-hearted civilian, to help her out a little so she can live to fight crime and rock hearts another day.

The best part is that you don’t have to dress up in spandex and wear a mask to lend a hand (unless you really want to. Each to their own, I suppose). It can all be done from the comfort of your own home, with your underpants on the inside of your clothes thank-you-very-much. All we need from you, the fearless warrior of Cat’s Army, is less than a quid and about 40 seconds of your time.

All you have to do is buy Cat’s single, One Day At A Time, before Sunday the 3rd November. If we all pull together, we can get Cat into the charts and on national radio by bonfire night. How cool is that?

For less money than the price of a decent Pic ‘N’ Mix, the song is available from 29th October on iTunes, XBOX Music, Amazon mp3, Google Play, eMusic, MySpace Music, Nokia, 7Digital and Juke, so you’ve no excuse not to!

Tell your parents, bribe your friends, make it your good deed of the day. Make Cat’s dream a reality, one copy of One Day At A Time at a time! At less than a pound a pop, you’ll be helping one of the CLIC family climb the ladder of success. And then, when she’s a multi-millionaire star and has forgotten who all of us little people are, we can grumble and go “I helped her become what she is today…”

Remember to check out Cat on Facebook and Twitter, for updates on her progress. Tweet her, telling her that you’ve bought her song, and by the end of the week Cat will announce which one of her followers was lucky enough to win tickets to 30 Seconds To Mars in November.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Calling all Cat’s Army. We have until Midnight tomorrow night, Saturday 2nd November to spread the word far and wide, and get people downloading. Let’s go on a mission to get some good music in the Charts *tee hee*

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