Camp RIAT (royal international air tattoo)

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RIAT is 1 of the most famous airshow in the world.
With my air cadets squadron I went to another camp but this time it’s different. We paid £20 for 2 special air cadets t-shirts and a special baseball cap. It was a working camp, our campsite weren’t far off the RAF airbase.  We had to do all sorts of work there such as litter picking, handling the crowd line, some of us actually had to do the breakfast. It was hard work, but was worth it.  On the Saturday (the day of the airshow) we were allowed to look around the show side and there were lots of things to do. There were lots of stalls, in one stall I bought a spitfire model.  We got to watch all of the aircraft such as the euro fighter, typhoon, Vulcan bomber and some groups like the world famous red arrows. It was great fun but i was shattered when i got back home. If anyone is interested in joining air cadets, please click this link.

This is the link for mountain ash squadron:-

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    sounds like a great time! – i love airshows!

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