Can you dance? I can’t, but this looks pretty cool, anyway.

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Whenever I dance I look like some sort of angry, mutant octopus. My legs and arms are like tentacles waving about, while my mouth is like the weird, ugly beak an octopus has. Not because I’m dancing, but because I’ve got a weird mouth. Oh well, I suppose no-one’s perfect. Except Mollie from The Saturdays.

Anyway, I didn’t really write this to talk about deep-sea life and how horrible the suckers on an octopus’ tentacle must feel when it’s wrapped around your face. Or even to talk about Mollie, but I could talk about her, I’d love to talk about her. But, I won’t. Because I wrote this to talk about dancing.

Now, if you ever see me dance you’ll be cringing with embarassment or maybe laughing because you’ve never seen such a display of moves. I’m seriously that bad and I only tend to dance after a few too many San Miguel’s or Guinness’. However, there are people out there who’re good at dancing and who enjoy it and if you’re one of these people then you should stop multi-tasking (turn the PS3 off or pause the film) and devote your whole attention to this. For at least 2 minutes. Or however long it takes you to read.

On the 23rd June, the Muni in Pontypridd will be hosting Ya Don’t Stop 2012 – a fantastic international Break Dancing Event.

Ya Don’t Stop 2012 is an International BBoy competition that is being hosted for the 3rd year by Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council’s Cultural Services, in partnership with Elemental Force. This year, for the first time, we have also teamed up with Wales Millennium Centre who will help support the event and offer a 3-day Judges master camp in Cardiff – making it a 4-day extravaganza!!

The 23rd June at the Muni Arts Centre Pontypridd, will be the opportunity for you to witness dancers from across the Globe represent for the 2012 Young Blood and Burnout Title.

The event will be hosted by MYSTRO/MYSDIGGI – No1 UK Hip Hop MC, who has supported the likes of Wu-Tang Clan, Jay-Z, Xzibit, and performed at worldwide festivals such as Glastonbury, Good Vibrations (Australia), Electric Picnic (Ireland), Sound Wave (Croatia), Jambalaya (New Zealand).

The day will include a host of local, national and international bboys/bgirls, and for the first year – a 2 on 2 under 18’s competition. This is a new element due to the major interest from, and development of the young people within RCT, participating in breakdancing workshops via the Youth Arts, E3+ and 5×60 programmes, and also across Wales.

This will, without doubt, be an incredible day for all ages that you don’t want to miss!!!!

Sounds pretty cool, eh? If this is the sort of thing you’re interested in and want to get involved, then either e-mail me: or Craig:

Cheers, guys. And happy octopus-ing. Uh, dancing, I mean.


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