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Right, so for a long while now, not sure how long exactly, I’ve been getting notifications on Facebook by people to play a game. ‘Welcome to Facebook, Rhys, where this has been happening for the last several years to everyone to ever own a Facebook account!’ Yes, yes I know, it happens all the time, boo to you. But I’m on about this one game that I’ve never really understood, and that is ‘Candy Crush’ or ‘Candy Crush Saga’ as the full name goes, created by the Free Online Games company ‘King’, or ‘ Limited’ as it is also known.

Now, why would I be talking about something that’s so popular in the social world? I don’t do popular, or rather I don’t want to because of how many gosh darn invites I am getting to play the bleeping game. But, it came to my attention that King has recently done something that can be considered to be in very bad taste. Let’s act out a scene here, guys, okay?

Boy: “So what do you want to do today?”

Girl: “Oh, let’s go get some candy!”

Boy: “Oh gosh, that sounds sweet, heh, you know? Because it’s candy…and candy’s sweet.”

Girl: “Yeah, I got it…”

Boy: “So yeah, CANDY!!”

Girl: “YAY, CANDY!!!”

*A random business man in a rather official looking suit of suits towers over the two innocent children with a massive look of anger*

Suit-man: “I don’t think so! You aren’t allowed to say that word anymore. If you ever even think about doing such a thing, we will get so many people on your case that you’ll wish you never even thought about using OUR word ever again!”

End scene…wait what? W-what even just-

What was this, other than some randomly, badly written script thing? Well it’s the present day, people, for we aren’t allowed to use the word ‘Candy’ anymore! Or at least people who plan to use the word candy in their games aren’t allowed to use it for King has managed to appeal for a trademark for the word that was filed around a year ago, only to be accepted around a week or two ago. People who ‘try’ to use the word in their products, games for instance, will be asked to change it to something not containing ‘Candy’ in its title, other they will go through legal means to get it done. This has happened with them sending out their new marshal law if you will, for many who publish their games through iTunes, receive letters from King via Apple’s legal department.

I mean all of this alone should have you shaking your head in disgust, right? I mean they took candy from us all…CANDY! THOSE EVIL MONSTERS!! But wait, there’s more! Now there’s word going around that they also plan to file a trademark on the word ‘Saga’ as well. And this, my dear readers, has me in a little bit of a fury.

Now, I try not to get rattled by much in the world because you know, so much negativity going around and all that. And of course if I ‘must’ be angry, I do it in both the comedic/topical ‘Radical Rants’ I do, but this, is just not on. Not on at all. Maybe it’d be not that much of a big deal to everyone who thinks nothing of the word, maybe you are feeling to me what I feel to everyone complaining over them trademarking the word ‘Candy’.

‘Who cares? It’s just candy’ I may think, while you’d say ‘Who cares about ‘Saga’ anyway?’ Surprisingly a lot more people than you’d think, so not just me, but I’m sure there are a large number of people in the world, maybe reading this article, where you hear the word ‘Saga’ on television series shows, or maybe your favourite cartoon series and remember series’ storylines and series of episodes that happened in that show. And for many RPG (Role-Playing Games) creators, they too adore this word and want to use it in their titles after maybe growing up with this, in my mind, amazing word.

Such is the case of Mike Gale, the creator of the Kickstarter game ‘Soul Saga’ who has been planning on launching this RPG title after growing up playing so many games under the genre and planning to fully create this game over the last five years of his life. I’ve helped pay towards this game as well, so I want to see it just as much as everyone else who paid towards it, though probably not as much as Mike does since, well, this game is his dream. And that may very well be taken from him, because why, some online gaming company want to keep it for a game series that has you matching rows of teeth-rotting consumption?! Because of some popular online game that people on Facebook adore because they want to waste their lives playing silly little Facebook games?! (Oh, harsh Rhys, HARSH I SAY!)

I’m sorry but that’s not right. It shouldn’t have been the case for the word ‘Candy’ and it should most definitely not be the case for anything else. But what can you do? Well whether this may help or not, or whether it’ll be too late or maybe somehow get approved of by the time this article is out, but there is a petition online going around trying to stop Limited from trademarking the word ‘Saga’, and I think it’s well worth it. I mean if you didn’t like the fact that they took ‘Candy’ for themselves (those greedy and most likely fat nasties, you know what with all the Candy they have taken from people), then PLEASE sign the petition in the URL link below. It’ll at least give people like Mike, and maybe people like me, or anyone who wants to use the word ‘Saga’ in the future for their products. And it can give a message not just to King, but to companies like them in that they should think twice about trademarking words that have so much sentimental attachment to so many around the world, because I’m sure one awkwardly social young adult from the Welsh Valleys isn’t the only one to feel this way, right?

So with that all said and done, I’ll leave you all do whatever it is you do when you aren’t reading these amazing articles on the Wicid website. But I swear to all that is good in this world, if you go back to playing Candy Crush Saga on Facebook, I’ll know about it (and not from the invites you send me either)…I’ll know.

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