Capital City Jam Review

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Hey there guys, VGBish here, doing my first music review! attended Capital City Jam on Saturday 3rd August as the official press with The Sprout.

There was an amazing mix of acts on stage, all young artists from around South Wales. Although the acts were largely rappers, there was still a variety of style within them – you had your Lil Waynes, your Plan Bs, your Professor Greens, and there was even a Dappy-style artist, but all in all it was an awesome variety. There weren’t just rappers at the event however, and other acts included an acoustic duo and Princess T, an up-and-coming R&B singer. The most memorable act for me was Carnage, who was an amazing rapper.

During the day, I was in charge of conducting 30-second interviews with the acts as they came off stage. This opportunity was provided by Wicid and The Sprout. As well as the acts, we also interviewed Jamie Feeney, the young man who organised the whole event.

Thank you for reading, and look out for my next article!

Photographs, courtesy of Liam Richards

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