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In the half term, my mother insists on taking me up my caravan. The problem with the caravan is that there’s no actual fun around, the town just about has a ‘spar’ and the ‘spar’ is a ten minute walk away from the caravan site. The site is far out, and has no entertainment until 9 o’clock. The caravan site has around 160 caravans but the children on the site are either too full of themselves or just plain boring. Mostly, there are older people on the site, and if you make a loud noise or even play music, you have to be quiet. So, lately, I have been taking a few friends down there, but then my mother moans about the petrol used, because it isn’t cheap having a caravan site in Carmarthenshire. There is one historical fact about the the place ‘Laugharne’ though. It’s where ‘Dylan Thomas’ wrote his poems in the local pub. But, as I said, there’s only pubs and a ‘spar’ down the road..
How do I find a way to entertain myself, without signal, or the internet?
Why do young people get so addicted the technology?
When someone knows, please tell me how to entertain myself?


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