Cardiff Airport – A Year On

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Last year the Welsh Government bought the Welsh International Airport for £52 million. A year on I take a look at how the airport has benefited from the purchase and how it has been improved.

The airport, a year ago, was a rundown hub with hardly any flights operating from the base, now a year on passenger numbers are on the rise and are currently hitting 1.02 million whist its rival Bristol is still in the lead with 6.2 million.

Cardiff Airport appointed a new chief executive last year, Jon Horne, to try and make a vast improvement in airline interest and he has done just that. Last year Spanish airline Vueling announced flights from Cardiff to popular Spanish destinations including Alicante, Palma, Barcelona, Malaga and many more. The airline has become very popular with the Welsh public and now Vueling is popular on TV too with sponsored adverts for ITV CYMRU WALES Weather. The low cost airline took over from BMI BABY.

Also, Irish airline Ryanair is returning to the airport with a new route to Tenerife in October. But there has been some bad news; Cardiff to Anglesey flights have dropped by 43% in the last several months.

These improvements alongside the front of the airport, which has had a makeover with new paint and signs being put up and there has been a new security area constructed over the last couple of months. Also technology has been upgraded there, one passenger Jack Griffiths told me: “There has certainly been an upgrade in terms of technology”. Some passengers think that flights are too expensive. We’ll just have to see how the airport pans out in the future.

And that is my special report on Cardiff Airport – a year on, thank you for reading!

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