Cardiff Airport – Jon Horne Stands Down

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Yesterday (1st September) saw the chief executive of Cardiff Airport, Jon Horne, stand down from his position and leave the airport. This news comes as the airport will witness its busiest week in years as world leaders fly into Cardiff ahead of the NATO Summit which is being held in Newport on Thursday and Friday.

Mr Horne was appointed a week after the airport was bought for £52m by the Welsh government in March 2013.

He had been the airport’s managing director previously, between 2001-2007, before moving to other senior posts in the aviation industry.

Debra Barber, who joined in May 2012 as operations director, has been appointed interim managing director.

Cardiff International Airport Ltd chairman Lord Rowe-Beddoe said Mr Horne had: “…very successfully steered the airport through the first phase of our path to re-establishing its fortunes”.

He added: “This includes halting the decline in passenger numbers, establishing good and improving customer service and overseeing the physical transformation of the terminal as well as securing CityJet and the return of Ryanair to the airport.”

He added that Mr Horne will be available to advise the board.

In the same statement, Mr Horne said the “positive and significant” changes at the airport were a “great credit” to his team of colleagues.

He said: “There is still much work to be done, but I have agreed with the chairman that a new perspective will be beneficial for the next stage of development and as such I have concluded my executive involvement.”

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