Cardiff City Beat The Street

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Cardiff City Football Club teamed up with the Porth cluster of the Detached youth team to supply a fantastic new initiative launched by Cardiff City in a Sunday morning football skills session in Ferndale School.

A group of ten young people from the Trealaw area attended and took part in a number of different skill exercises that wouldn’t normally happen within a normal match situation. All the skill sessions were accompanied by music and this made for a very different setting for a football session, but one with which the young people enjoyed a lot.

There were a number of skills performed before ending with a series of games in a four team tournament where points were awarded for goals, nutmegs and for showing skills learnt throughout the day.

A massive thank you goes out to all the young people who attended on the day and also to Matthew Holland and his team of workers for making the event possible.

Here are a few comments from the young people:

“Learnt some great skills and Messi better look out” (Corey Fisher, 13, Trealw)
“Awesome day, I showed the best *tekkers out of all the lads by a mile, trophy at the end was brilliant and will be straight on show” (Corey Jones, 15, Trealw)
“I will be trying these skills now as I need to master the ball on the neck skill after the boys managed to do it, constant ribbing otherwise” (Mitchell Hughes, 13, Trealw)

*The saying ‘unbelievable tekkers’ is Andy Ansah’s version of ‘unbelievably good technique’ used on Wayne Rooney’s Street Striker and now used by Soccer AM.

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