Cardiff City Premier League Fixtures – Season 2013 – 2014

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Hello, people of WICID. I’m back again with the Barclays Premier League season news for the 2013 – 2014 season; and the team that I will be foucusing on this season is our capital of Wales‘ football team, the one and only, Cardiff City.

After years of bad luck in the Championship Play-Offs, the season of 2012 – 2013 was a season to remember where Cardiff gained promotion back to the top flight since the 1920’s.

Below you can find the list of fixtures for Cardiff’s 2013 – 2014 season in the Barclays Premier League:


17th August 2013: West Ham (A)
24th August 2013: Manchester City (H)
31st August 2013: Everton (H)


14th September 2013: Hull City (A)
21st September 2013: Tottenham (H)
28th September 2013: Fulham (A)


5th October 2013: Newcastle (H)
19th October 2013: Chelsea (A)
26th October 2013: Norwich City (A)


3rd November 2013: Swansea (H)
9th November 2013: Aston Villa (A)
24th November 2013: Man Utd (H)
30th November 2013: Arsenal (H)


4th December 2013: Stoke (A)
7th December 2013: Crystal Palace (A)
14th December 2013: West Brom (H)
21st December 2013: Liverpool (A)
26th December 2013: Southampton (H)
28th December 2013: Sunderland (H)


1st January 2014: Arsenal (A)
11th January 2014: West Ham (H)
18th January 2014: Man City (A)
28th January 2014: Man Utd (A)


1st February 2014: Norwich City (H)
8th February 2014: Swansea (A)
11th February 2014: Aston Villa (H)
22nd February 2014: Hull City (H)


1st March 2014: Tottenham (A)
8th March 2014: Fulham (H)
15th March 2014: Everton (A)
22nd March 2014: Liverpool (H)
29th March 2014: West Brom (A)


5th April 2014: Crystal Palace (H)
12th April 2014: Southampton (A)
19th April 2014: Stoke (H)
26th April 2014: Sunderland (A)


3rd May 2014: Newcastle (A)
11th May 2014: Chelsea (H)

Let’s wish and hope Cardiff all the best in their first Premier League season after years in the lower leagues and let’s hope they stay up for the 2014 – 2015 season.

Come on City.

Watch this space for more Cardiff City or other football updates.

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