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Cardiff City Premier League Kicks is a project that offers free sports coaching to young people of ages 14-19, to both boys and girls. 1st of September has seen us enter year two of the project.

Free football sessions take place at Cambrian Lakeside Sports Academy every Monday evening from 6.30pm, with coaching sessions delivered by Cardiff City Community Foundation coaches.

The weekly sessions consist of football skills, technical activities such as shooting, passing and dribbling, along with plenty of opportunities for the young people to take part in small-sided games.

The sessions are also attended by Game On Wales, assisting to contribute towards the successful delivery of the project. Year one of the project in Cambrian saw over 150 young people of ages 14-19 attend the venue.

Cardiff City FC Community & Education Foundation started Premier League Kicks in October 2013 after receiving funding from the Premier League Charitable Fund; the aim of the project is to combat anti-social behaviour and in year one of the project engaged with over 600 young people. We are also looking for volunteers to get involved and assist with delivery of the session.

We are looking to recruit volunteers to assist in the successful running of the session at Cambrian Lakeside Sports Academy. If interested please contact

Check out the Cardiff City Premier League Kicks flyer for the venues and times of all our sessions.

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