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Last year (I will get around to posting about this year soon, honest, but I have a bit of a backlog to get through first…not too many posts left) Allyn organised a trip to see the Cardiff Devils play in Cardiff, and took me along just for the fun of it because I have a tendency to sulk if I am left behind, and to keep a close eye on me because I get up to mischief.

This trip was run with the Beddau cluster, with the fabulous Rachel. We found all of our seats, and I disappeared with a group of young people for favour of standing by the ice rink shield downstairs inches away from the ice, instead of sitting down upstairs. These plastic, reinforced panels prevent the hocky puck from smashing in to crowds at several hundred mph, and helps the players stay on the ice instead of falling headfirst into their adoring fans during clashes with other players from the opposing side. Yes, we were inches away from the action…

It was a fab game, full of action, good scoring, and the occasional fight, with players being sent to the sin bin left, right and centre. Of course the Devil’s won…we expected nothing less. For more info on watching Ice Hockey (Devils only) see Allyn for the next trip… if you have never seen a game, you will enjoy it! And, even better, if you are interested in learning about ice skating, then nag Allyn because he has a an activity coming up with the possibility of doing just that.


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