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Tony Dally, a Careers Advisor has been working with the pupils of year 9 in Mountain Ash, and telling them how to survive in the big wide world. The pupils have been booked in for a time over the course of about a week, as I’ve attended now. Me, and a few others, were told about what subjects to choose and what careers are open to us. My friend said he’d like to be a gaming technician to make a new ‘call of duty’ game. I said I wanted to be a music producer and sell my soundtracks to other bands. I really want to make my own band with my friends as well. He was very helpful and made that big confusing careers booklet a lot easier to understand. Some of my other mates are booked in with him the day before you have to give the form in! (A bit close, isn’t it?).
I’ve also been looking on, a very useful site. Check it out if you need more information on careers.


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