Caring Pebbles

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Caring pebbles…shh, don’t tell anyone

Our Taf Youth Forum member Hannah decorated pebbles and hid some at Gellihirion Close Retirement Housing, where her nan lives, when Hannah returned to visit her nan in the garden she found four bare pebbles waiting for her to take away and decorate.

Hannah now collects more and more pebbles each time a family member visits (outside, within Covid guidelines) and decorates them ready to return.

Hannah’s nan is in on the secret and helps hide the rocks, even speculating where they are coming from – maybe a magic fairy…

The residents love to come out for their daily exercise, searching for the newly decorated pebbles, even those who were reluctant to leave their homes love hunting for those Caring pebbles.

What a great example of caring and sharing in these strange times.


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