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Howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwdie peeples…

This is an important announcement…I, Tracey, detached youth worker from Ferndale cluster has moved to Tonyrefail!

Yes, it is official and all of that. The move has happened from 4th of April, and the reason why I’ve not posted before this was because I was on leave (if painting, glossing, putting up coving and assignment work is being on leave, but there you go). So, I will no longer be causing mischief around Ferndale with Allyn, but getting blown off my feet at Capel Farm (cripes, it is windy up there, even the wind turbines are complaining!) with the fabaroonie Rhian and CF team! WooHoo!

My replacement in Ferndale is the (much) younger Adam, a fantastic detached youth worker and a gentleman, and I am proud to have him fill my shoes, which he will do easily (I am sure Ferndale will be pleased to have some sense of normality back now I’ve gone!!)

Remember peeples, it’s not the end of an era, but the start of a new chapter in all clusters concerned.

It’s gonna be fun!


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