Child’s Commissioner’s Child Poverty Warning

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To coincide with the International Day of the Child, the four Children’s Commissioners of the United Kingdom are warning that child poverty could be affected as the sovereign nation aims to tackle its economic problems.

The Children’s Commissioners of Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland all agree that the cuts are already hitting “key children’s services”.

While the four champions of children’s rights warn that any change to benefits could push more families into poverty, the government states that these changes should reduce child poverty, with the best way to do it by getting parents working and its policies would “make sure work pays”.

Although they praise the government for the improvements in youth justice, the treatment of children seeking asylum and those with disabilities, the commissioners’ report claims that persistent high levels of poverty across the UK were unacceptable.

Official statistics from the government claim that one in five children in the UK (roughly 2.6 million) are living in poverty, which is defines as having income of less than £348 a week for a family of four. However, there have been other statistics suggesting that the true figure of child poverty in the UK is closer to one child in three, which is roughly 3.8 million children.

Source – BBC News

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