Christmas 2012: Traditions

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Christmas is here! Presents, turkey, the Queen’s Speech, well they’re all well and good, but here’s something I love about Christmas – it’s utterly predictable!

I can break my Christmas down to timecodes, so here it is:

 Children put to bed at 8pm, asleep by 10pm.
 11pm – mum and dad put the toys out together and open a few cans.
 4am – parents go to bed.
 6am – mum wakes up and reads as it’s too early to wake us up.
 8am – mum goes down and makes tea for her and dad.
 9.30am – mum’s patience is gone and we’re all woken up!
 9.35am – everyone is downstairs in their dressing gowns and the last one up makes the tea.
 9.35 – 10.40am – we open presents, youngest to oldest.
 11am – 11.45am – my sister plays with some of her toys and we clean up the wrapping paper.
 11.45 – 12.30am – we take our new clothes upstairs and get dressed.
 12.45am – up to my nan’s house.
 1.15pm – we open our presents, youngest to oldest once all the grandchildren are there.
 2pm – my cousins fight over floor space to play their toys which keep getting bigger.
 2.30pm – my great-grandmother arrives, complains about how uncomfortable her seat is and we bring the computer chair down for her.
 2.45pm – dinner begins – me, my nan-nan and now my youngest cousin have pate on toast, which she still butters for me even though I’m 19!
 3pm – before the main course we watch the Queen’s Speech and toast a glass of red wine (until I was 14 this was very strict, my nan now allows white wine also).
 3.30 – 4.45pm – dinner continues.
 4.45pm – we put on a film that one of us has had, it’s usually a Pixar release.
 5.30pm – my nan-nan leaves to catch up with Strictly.
 6pm – my aunty and uncle come up after they’ve shut up shop (they own a pub). They have their dinner, steal the one sofa and my mum and her brother start to argue and pull each other’s hair.
 6.25pm – my uncle falls asleep taking up the whole settee and the kids draw on his face.
 6.40pm – we leave my nam’s because by then my mum is sick of my uncle’s snoring.
 6.50pm – we get in, my sister plays with her stuff downstairs while me and my mum take everyone’s present to their respective rooms.
 8.15pm – absolutely shattered!

So, that’s my Christmas Day. Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are just as predictable, but I love it all. Victoria Wood once described Christmas as “dropping a brick on your foot one year and knowing it hurts, but a year later saying “I’m really looking forward to dropping a brick on my foot this year!”

Here at Wicid we’re asking you to share your Christmas traditions, what you love about it and your best memories of the day. Just comment below.

Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

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