Christmas Catch Up At Bryncelynnog

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In December, the YEPS service went non-stop in the Bryncelynnog youthwing. The staff allowed the young people to decorate the Christmas tree (and it didnot fall over even once) and Jo ran a fab Christmas Quiz. There were 15 questions like, ‘What Christmas songdoes FTS stand for?’, and ‘How many reindeer hooves are there in total?’ Traceywas completely stumped all through it, and decided to take photos with thecamera instead. The top scoring team had a whopping great score of 13 or 14 outof 15, and the top two scoring teams won vouchers for the cinema to see a filmof their choice (age appropriate of course!). Some young people really got in tothe festive spirit and made Christmas cards.

In addition, we have two pool tables, a snooker table, an Xbox One, PS3, and a Wii consolethat young people can use (although when Tracey finds another PS3power lead, there will be four). We also have a dart board, of which Zac isbrilliant at adding up the scores, table tennis and table football.

PS: What Christmas song does FTS stand for? (Frosty theSnowman) and how many reindeer hoovesare there in total (36 – count them).

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