Christmas Is Coming! – Here’s my creation

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Well, seems it’s nearly December, which is Christmas month!!!

…Sorry, got a little excited there.

I thought that even though I have exams in two weeks that I need to revise for, I’d create a little something on Photoshop, and see how it turns out.

It turned out well!

The first two images are my creations and they’re for my photography Facebook page. (Which you can check out if you want! Link is below.)

The other three images, are some I took of my dog, who was unhappy with her shoot and just didn’t have the Christmas spirit, as she just kept throwing the hat off.

But here they are anyway, hopefully they’ll get you in the Christmas mood too!

Facebook page –

Twitter – L_RichardsPhoto

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1 thought on “Christmas Is Coming! – Here’s my creation”

  1. pandy12 says:

    Very good article, and has got me in the christmas spirit 🙂

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