Class Returns To Cinemas

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This June Class returns to cinemas in Matthew Vaughn’s Latest X Men Film ‘X Men First Class’. This Is the fifth film of the X Men franchise and the Biggest Yet. James McAvoy, Michael Fassabender, January Jones And Jennifer Lawrence are the new recruits In The X Men saga. This story revolves around how the X Men ended up with such mortal enemies in the Brotherhood. It’s 1963 and Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) is setting up an academy for mutants and humans with superhero powers. His star pupil is Eric Lashenher (Michael Fassebender) the Future ‘Magnetico’ who prepares to fight by his side with Professor X against evil. So where did It all go wrong? See the action as the mutants fight to save the World. Director Matthew Vaughn said that he enjoys making the X Men films and all the success they’ve had, like ‘X Men’ In 2000 ‘X Men 2’ In 2003 ‘X Men The Last Stand’ In 2006 ‘X Men Wolverine’ In 2009 and With ‘X Men First Class’ this year. I Cannot wait to see the reception this film will get, but what is certain is you won’t forget ‘X Men First Class’. Out now (Released On June 3rd 2011)


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