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Now most people take it easy in the summer holidays, put their feet up and chill, but not the Wicid Editorial Team. Oh no. Our team have been busy working hard completing their CLIC accreditations, thanks to the CLIC accreditation officers they worked hard but also had a great time. They decided to tell all about it here in their first blog. Enjoy! Wicid Ed

CLIC Accreditations – Understanding the role of Youth Information Work.

This August, CLIC are piloting their new OCN qualifications from YMCA Wales and Argon. We were lucky enough to be the first group of young people to take part in the accreditations and spent a day in Miskin Continuing Education Centre with Cindy Chen and Sarah Dean (CLIC Officers.)
The day got off to a slow start due to terrible traffic and the usual “nice to meet you” banter but the day began with a fun icebreaker.
This first group were all members of the Wicid Editorial groups, so this was a very interesting and necessary workbook of information highlighting the importance of sites like it, and information from Youth Services.
OCN qualifications are very useful as they are in the form of a workbook and a portfolio of evidence, so everyone of mixed ability can take part.
With a few fun games and a lunch break thrown in (MARSHMALLOWS!!!) and some CLIC goodies (I now have 4 pens, 4 badges and 5 different colour bands, YAY!)
What I learnt above all was “Be an Optimus Prime and not a Negatron – I’d like to thank BethantheBarmy for that)
CLICK! – (Toriabeth!) Simple, but effective!
I think if you don’t know anything about youth information and how it works online, this is a great kit to learn more, and I’d recommend it for new members. For instance, I learnt that there are 22 counties in Wales. Perhaps irrelevant to youth information, but a useful patriotic fact. To link with CLIC, we currently have 10 sites, like, including Cliconline with 6 more in development so far.
Onwards and outwards with the CLIC tree – Wicid was the 4th branch (and clearly the best ;))
There are 3 more accreditations workshops every Tuesday in August 2011. For more information on these or other opportunities for training, please contact R.C.T Services for Young People on 01443 744139 or contact

Crazy Distortion
I honestly have no idea what to say.
Yes, I really don’t.
Well, nothing apart from my experience with the new thing that Clic are doing. Standard.
On this day of this article’s creation, which was the second of August, members of the Wicid editorial group went to Miskin to do something.
“What was this thing?” I hear you cry. Well, it was the first day of an accreditation course.
Due to the traffic that formed due to an accident on the A470, travel towards the near-Mountain Ash venue was slow, but these things happen.
Once we arrived, we began the first Clic accreditation, which was called “ClicOnline – Understanding The Role Of Online Youth Information Services”. After a few form filling for YMCA Wales Community College, the work began with two of Clic’s workers, Cindy Chen and Sarah Dean.
The main parts of the work that we did was to work out what information is. Personally, I though information was just statements that were applied to certain subjects and environments, or something similar. True Story.
We began to wonder why information is useful, and after a few other things, we began to compare and contrast the differences between the role of a youth worker when it comes to online information and the information given face-to-face. Well, that’s what I thought was happening.
Adding to that, we looked at different online information services, such as Clic, Meic, Shelter Cymru and the like. T’was very interesting, though the wall of text that I have forged here does not contain the interestingness of the situation.
Adding to that, the group continued the workshop. After we held food in our hearts and then unto our stomachs, we finally reached the end of the day with the information of Clic’s development and its work as a network and an online magazine. Well good.
This first day of these accreditation days was very interesting, and my mind cannot help to wonder how well the next three Tuesdays will flow.
Yeah, I’m done now.

Luna light
It’s a good day and you can get an OCN at the end. We’ve only had one lesson so far, but it seems as if it’s going to be ok because we know all of the people who are here now. The next time when they do the OCN, I think all of the Wicid and Clic people should came and get a level 2 OCN.
So I am having fun and I cannot wait until the next one next week. It’s next Tuesday, another three Tuesdays.

On the 2nd of August, 8 members of wicid took part in training to achieve an OCN…and what a day it was. As an ‘icebreaker’ we began the day with a sheet of paper with statements written upon it, and we had the extremely difficult task of finding someone these statements related to. It was surprisingly hard to find someone who ‘wants to be a policeman’. Then, after about an hour of booklet filling, and learning about different organisations which was very interesting, we had a break, playing word games which ended in fits of laughter. And, amongst many anecdotes of “be an optimus prime not a nagatron” a rule produced by BethanTheBarmy, all who attended had a great time. May the laughter and the learning commence next week!

Maria vaz
In order to complete the Wicid accreditation programme, today the entire Wicid team had a training session with Clic staff.
The aims of this training session were:
– To explain and clarify the concept of information;
– To identify the different sources of information and the differences among them;
– To describe some of the information services, distinguishing face to face from online information service.
The training session involved some icebreaking games, which helped the team members to get to know each other, in a soft, funny and relaxed way!
Clic tutors explained through different ways how websites like and cliconline encourage young people to be creative and active.
I’ve found this session very useful, complete and interactive.
If you want to come along don’t think twice, because it’s really cool.

Today I took part in the clic training workshop with my colleagues from Wicid.
I have learned the concept of youth information and also got to know the places from where we can get the information, and understand the role of information services.
Cliconline is one of the many online channels that give us the information, advice and news for young people across Wales.
I enjoyed being part of this project and getting to know how Cliconline and other online services work with the young people.
I would recommend young people do this training because it’s very educational, productive and clarifying.


On Tuesday 2 August I, along with other members of Wicid, took part in the CLIC accreditations.
I already knew everyone there so I felt pretty comfortable around the others.
We learned a lot about CLIC and what it’s all about, and services that help young people.
I didn’t think I’d actually make it to the course because on the way, we took a wrong turning and almost headed off to the Beacons! But we found our way in the end, picked up Toriabeth! and Luna Light and arrived in one piece, thankfully.

For the Accreditation we had to look at things such as Youth Information- where to find it, how to find it and what not. It was really interesting but I have to admit that break times were the best as we played card games (which we all now know that I fail at miserably *sigh*), word games which made up stories that made no sense and just genuinely got to hang about and spend time with our friends and get to know each other a little more. It didn’t feel like school at all – in fact I’d probably enjoy school more if it was like these workshops! I’d attempt suggesting school to be like this since I’m a Form Captain but I already know the answer will be a big fat “no”. Oh well, I can dream, can’t I?

It was a great day that I thoroughly enjoyed and I cannot wait until next week!

CLIC has launched Open College Network (OCN) accreditation packages including creative writing and poetry. If you are interested in taking part, please email or call 029 2046 2222.

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    I know this isn’t on topic but in the second picture, Victoria looks like she’s really serious about fiddling with her bracelet haha! So far I’ve enjoyed the accreditations and I’m looking forward to the next two. It’s been keeping me busy on Tuesdays! >< x

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    Hi Guys
    Sorry, I know it’s taken me ages to put a comment on the article above. But I just wanted to say had a really fab time training with you guys every Tuesday – you were all really brilliant and we all enjoyed it!

  3. Ollys_Direction says:

    I really enjoyed it, too! I’d love to do stuff like that again! Thank you for running it for us 😀 x

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